Buying a truck to transport orders to all parts of Peru is an excellent idea. But you must be a little cautious when driving through the Sierra or mountainous areas.

Driving through mountains can be a bit intimidating for truck drivers, especially newbies or beginners.

If you want to know some tips on how to drive a truck in these areas, you cannot miss the following International Trucks article.

Do not trust

A significant cause of accidents, even on level roads, is overconfidence. Just because you are in an area you are familiar with does not mean that you should let your guard down, especially if your path will be full of steep slopes.

If you are unfamiliar with mountain routes, it is always important to keep an eye out for signs you come across: they will tell you the approaching slopes’ degrees. Do not wait until you are at the top to realize that you will not be able to follow that path. Thanks to them, you will have an idea of ​​the speed at which you should go during your ascent or descent.

On the other hand, keep in mind that it takes time to go up or down a slope. It is not an action that you should take in a hurry. Take all the time you need to cross it. Don’t take your feet away from the brake the closer you get to the bottom of a hill.

Many drivers sometimes make this mistake and speed up without thinking that there could be a gap or unexpected curve at the end. So be sure to keep your hands on the wheel and your feet ready for the ENTIRE downhill ride.

Drive at a slow, steady speed

The best advice for safe driving on mountainous routes is to always stay at a low and constant speed and never travel too fast. Some drivers make this mistake when driving down a steep grade.

It would help if you considered that when your truck gains momentum going down a hill, it is almost impossible to regain control. Don’t put yourself in that situation, and make sure you don’t increase the rate at which your truck goes any further.

Additionally, when you go up a steep hill, your truck may overheat, even in the coldest winter months. Pay attention to your vehicle and park on the side of the road if you notice that the engine is overheating.

Find out about the weather.

Another invaluable safety tip for truck drivers on mountain routes is to keep an eye on the weather reports. This will help with planning your trips.

The mountains’ climate is unpredictable, so it is good that you recheck it on the day you start a new route. If you can go by alternative routes without steep slopes, you should take them to be safer.

Prepare for changes in the weather when going up or down a slope. The severe change in altitude can cause a mixture of weather conditions.

Don’t get too close to other vehicles.

Leave as much space as possible between your truck and the vehicle in front of you, especially if you find yourself on a slope. Keep in mind that not all trucks on the road follow all tips for safe driving. Many are more likely to lose control or hit a piece of rock without realizing it.

The distance you create will take you away from the potential dangers that other units may make. Also, it will allow you to straighten your vehicle in case you need it. A truck and trailer are extra vulnerable when they are not straight: they can start to wobble or go off the road. A driver has more control over his vehicle when lined up and traveling in a straight line.

How to regain control of your truck when driving in the mountains

If, for some reason, you feel like you’re starting to lose control of your truck, park on the side of the road. Hopefully, this will allow you to straighten out your unit or regain control.

For example, if you look in your rearview mirrors and you can see much of your trailer or whatever decal it has, you may be in trouble. Try squeezing the trailer brakes a bit. Perhaps this action is sufficient for you to be able to straighten your vehicle again.

Another alternative is to go to the lane closest to the curb to try to straighten it little by little. At this point, it’s best to get the unit out of the way, so you don’t injure yourself or others along the way. If you pulled your truck off the road but entered a ditch, be sure to turn off your vehicle and drive safely away.

By following these basic safety rules and taking advantage of your truck’s available features, you can quickly gain confidence when driving through the mountains.